Choosing The Escrow Training Institute is The Right Choice
Why should I trust The Escrow Training Institute to further my escrow education and knowledge? A valid question that deserves a response!

There are several reasons to consider when trusting our Company as your personal training partner!
  • The Escrow Training Institute is an industry leader in California escrow training!
  • Over 9000 registrants since inception.
  • We offer stability, having served the escrow community since January 2003!
  • Our Instructors have demonstrated teaching skills and wide industry experience!
  • Our Instructors are past and/or current members of the California Escrow Association, with all holding Board Member status, either now or in the past!
  • We offer entry level to advanced classes, to assist you throughout your career!
  • We offer more escrow related training programs than anyone else!
  • We offer “free after class support”* for classes in which you have attended!
  • Students continually provide us with outstanding evaluations of both our classes and our Instructors!
  • We provide our customers with Consulting Services in addition to training!

* For more information on our free after class support, or any other information, please call or email our President, Larry O’Brien, personally at 949-589-1460 or !!

A Note from the President

As we rapidly approach, our eleventh (11) year of providing escrow related training, our success is built upon a core of exceptional instructors who truly care about those that attend their workshops.  Many of our instructors and yours truly, have been invited guest speakers at either Regional or California Escrow Association conferences.

Whether training or consulting service, The Escrow Training Institute has the capability to assist you or your staff in meeting and exceeding individual and business objectives! We’re confident you will agree!

Larry O'Brien

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