A Letter from The President  

Welcome to our website and to our Company!

We are proud to announce, January 2015, marks the beginning of our thirteenth (13th) year of providing California with escrow related training and consulting services.

In 2014 we surpassed 7,700 class registrants since our Company’s inception. Two hundred more than our original goal! We thank the escrow community!

While our economy continues to improve at a slower pace than anyone in the industry would like, we continue to move forward, recognizing the need for professional escrow training! Why? Because our focus remains unchanged…. your continued success!

On behalf of our many instructors, I want to once again thank everyone for their on-going support, including the California Escrow Association, the Orange County Escrow Association and other Escrow Regional entities.

Remember, our training curriculum: 

  • Provides FREE after class support for ALL of our Workshops!
  • Provides Professional Escrow Instruction/Class Completion Certificates!
  • Offers over 25 escrow related classes – Basic Escrow to Bulk Sale Escrow!
  • Offers Management/Leadership, Customer Service Workshops!
  • Focuses on What Is Important in the Escrow Industry!

We are proud to announce other professional service for our customers:

  • Escrow Compliance Forums & Escrow Business Forums-Quarterly
  • ROLL OUT of the NEW TILA/RESPA Forms & Procedures for 2015!
  • FIRST CLASS – An Escrow Focused Customer Service Workshop
  • Escrow Management/Leadership Programs
  • Escrow Consulting Services-In House training (inquire)

Knowledge is the key to success! Having great instructors helps too!

Best wishes,

Larry O’Brien
Board Member: Orange County Escrow Association (2010-2012)
C.E.A. Member (continuous)


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