A Letter from The President  

Welcome to our website and to our Company!

Amazing how time just flies bye. Faster and faster each year, or so it seems.

We are now in our 16th year of providing professional Escrow training, with professional escrow instructors. In fact, our instructors are in the “who’s who in escrow” category. Largely known in the industry, well respected.

In January 2018, we will surpass 11,000 class registrants since inception. Last year (2017) we had 999 (missed it by one) registrants attend our many diverse escrow related workshops.  

  • Individual Manual and hand-outs relevant to the class taken!
  • Class Completion Certificate at the end of each class!
  • Professional Instruction!
  • Sharing of information with others in the industry!
  • FREE AFTER CLASS SUPPORT, for as long as needed!

We believe that enhanced education comes from classroom interaction. While webinars and on-line training serve a purpose, they do not usually maximize your learning experience. Thus, the “classroom” model is the one we follow.

I personally encourage you to become a part of our “Escrow Training Institute” family of long time, satisfied “learners”. I am confident you will not be disappointed. We wouldn’t be in business 16 years if our instructors and instructions were not top notch! And, they are!

Call me if you have any questions! YOUR success determines our success.

Thank You,

Larry O’Brien
President & Founder


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