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"FIRST CLASS" - Delivering Customer Service Excellence - Your location
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FIRST CLASS - Delivering Customer Service Excellence December 6th 8:30 - 4:30

National University

Costa Mesa
December 4th
Lender's Instructions December 6th 8:30 - 11:30

National University

Costa Mesa
December 4th
Funding, Balancing, Closing the File (w/Prorations) December 6th 12:00 - 4:45

National University

Costa Mesa
December 4th
Trust Accounting - Forum Best Practices January 17th 8:30 - 1:00

National University

Costa Mesa
January 15th
Escrow Marketing/Selling Skills January 24th 8:30 - 3:00

National University

Costa Mesa
January 22nd
Commercial Escrow I January 31st 8:30 - 4:30

National University

Costa Mesa
January 29th

All classes provide “take away” manuals/material and FREE after class support!

"FIRST CLASS" - Delivering Customer Service Excellence

This workshop can be presented at your location, with only your team in attendance (call for details), or you can attend our "open" class (see training schedule below) which anyone may attend. Either way, this is an exceptional chance to take your customer service to new levels and have fun while doing so. Great material.



FIRST CLASS - Delivering Customer Service Excellence
(Saturday, December 6th)     Tuition: $149**
**Lunch included

Designed specifically for the Escrow/Title industry, this workshop has received very high reviews from those who have attended.

In fact, 100% of class attendees this summer (approximately 125 individuals, from Receptionists to Title Company President) indicated in their Class Evaluation that they WOULD recommend this class to others within the escrow/title community.

This class focuses entirely on real life escrow/title related customer service issues!

Our activity based, fun filled, workshop focuses on several key areas:

  • Exceptional customer service is the GREAT differentiator between escrow companies!
  • One Team, One Mission, One Focus = (come to class to find out)!
  • Understanding the impact of ‘lost’ customers!
  • How to effectively handle customer complaints, while building the customer relationship!
  • Importance of everyone being “The Director of First Impressions”!
  • Building long term loyalty; having YOUR customers be an extension of your Sales Team!
  • Build TEAM WORK/Unity/Common Purpose!
  • Have FUN while doing so!

Our class activities “drive home” the learning objectives! Each participant receives a complete manual AND numerous after class activities that the Company can use to continue to reinforce customer service and operational objectives.

Location: National University, Costa Mesa               Hours: 8:30 – 4:30PM



Lender's Instructions
(Saturday, December 6th)     Tuition: $99**
Take both Lender's Instructions and Funding, Closing, Balancing classes and Save 10%!

In this workshop, you will learn all about Lender’s Instructions and their importance to your escrow. What happens and what liability exists (to you and your Company) when the underlying Instructions are NOT followed to the letter!

We will cover:

  • What are Lender’s Instructions? There purpose and use?
  • What are the quick review ” tips and techniques” escrow professionals use!
  • Understanding the implications of a poorly written instruction (legal or policy)!
  • Addressing valid and invalid instructions.
  • The potential legal liability YOU create when signing the Lender’s Instructions, agreeing to the conditions within!
  • Recognizing that all Lender’s Instructions, even from the same Lender, may vary!
  • What Lenders can do if instructions are not followed. You signed them!
  • Fannie Mae/Freddy Mac requirements!
  • Understanding when to say “NO” – when backing away is in your best interest!

In group discussion, we will discuss various Instructions from a variety of Lender’s, including the MAJOR Lending groups. If you wish, bring a set of Lender’s Instructions from your office to class for discussion.

Location: National University, Costa Mesa               Hours: 8:30 – 11:30PM



Funding, Balancing, Closing the File (w/Prorations)
(Saturday, December 6th)     Tuition: $119**
**Take both Lender's Instructions and Funding, Closing, Balancing classes and Save 10%!

Build confidence in your ability to fund, close and balance your file!

This class focuses entirely on the “funding, balancing and closing of the file” activities. In addition, working with Prorations will be a part of this workshop. Each process will be discussed and covered in depth.

Participants will be involved and learn more about:

  • Completing the Estimated Statement!
  • Completing the Final Statement!
  • Ensuring that all Escrow Instructions have been followed!
  • Ensuring that all Lender Instructions have been followed!
  • Handling discrepancies!
  • Identifying “Red Flags” early!
  • Balancing the Title charges!
  • Balancing the Checks & Receipts!
  • Identifying/correcting “out of balance” situations!
  • Effectively managing the process!
REMOVE your frustration in completing “manual” escrow calculations! Learn how to explain your Proration calculation to your customer. You will learn:
  • How to compute the “Doc Tax” for several amounts!
  • How to complete a variety of proration scenarios!
  • Recognize important tax dates and deadlines you must meet!

Location: National University, Costa Mesa               Hours: 12:00 – 4:45PM



(Saturday, January 17th)     Tuition: $119

This workshop will incorporate and focus on ALTA’s “Best Practices” and the Escrow Institute of California’s “Model Policies & Procedures.” Be informed and stay informed with legal and regulatory requirements from the Department of Business Oversight (DBO), Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and other regulatory agencies.

This workshop focuses on the industry’s Trust Accounting “best practices!” From ALTA’s and EIC’s recent recommendations to RECON WORKS (an industry leader in Trust Accounting & Bank Reconciliation services) actual  BEST PRACTICES, learn how to minimize risks and protect the funds you manage through the establishment of internal controls.

We will define, step by step, recommended procedures that you should follow for the protection and safeguarding of trust funds under your control. You will be provided “tools” you can use to help ensure on-going compliance.

In addition, you will learn about:

  • Meeting the Accounting Requirements of the Department of Business Oversight and Department of Real Estate, as they relate to Trust Accounting and Bank Reconciliation.
  • Daily procedures to follow to accurately account for the public’s funds!
  • Types of escrow fraud from altered closing statements to wire transfers and more!
  • How to prevent escrow fraud internally and externally!
  • Real life cases of escrow real estate fraud due to Company lack of preparation/education! Fictitious Business Names.
  • Proven ways to maintain and store Trust Accounting Records for future use!
  • Steps your Company can take to ensure strict compliance!

Extensive material supports this class, plus FREE after class support for attendees!

Location: National University, Costa Mesa               Hours: 8:30 – 1:00PM



Escrow Marketing/Selling Skills
(Saturday, January 24th)     Tuition: $149

Want to learn more ways to generate business, whether in a “booming” or “slowing” market?  In this class you will explore ideas on how to market your Company’s services and products from “behind your desk” and “in the field.”

Successful escrow companies know the importance of marketing their services. However, often in the hectic day to day work environment, “marketing” is often the next thing to do!  This class focuses on three key elements: marketing strategies, tips and techniques; and the importance of managing the customer service experience through out the business relationship.

You will learn about marketing from both sides of your desk.  From the office to the field.


  • How to create a Marketing Action Plan (MAP)!
  • What your agent thinks is important in dealing with their escrow officer!
  • How to handle “tough” requests, such as reducing your fees, special requests, etc.!
  • How to handle customer objections during the sales call!
  • Tips on becoming more proactive in your marketing efforts!
  • What other people/companies are doing to generate sales!
  • Managing the sales call/training others to make the sales call!
  • How to take ownership of the customer experience!

Bring your questions to class for this guaranteed informative and  fun workshop!!!

Location: National University, Costa Mesa               Hours: 8:30 – 3:00PM



Commercial Escrow I
(Saturday, January 31st)     Tuition: $299

Our Commercial Escrow I class is conducted by a former President of O.C.E.A. and an industry recognized expert in Commercial escrows.

This specialty escrow class is for the beginning/intermediate Commercial practitioner.  Taught by a Certified Escrow Instructor (CSEO, CEI) and top Commercial escrow producer, you will learn more about the Commercial process while eliminating the fear of those intimidating numbers, contracts and processes.

In this class you will learn about the following: 

  • Comparison and In-Depth Review of the Three (3) Common Commercial Escrow Contracts!
  • Escrow Instructions, Wrap Instructions, No Instructions Commercial Processing!
  • Underlying Commercial Documents; Purpose and Use!
  • Formation Documents!
  • Identifying/resolving “red flags” that can stop/delay your Escrow!
  • Processing Requirements You Must Do!
  • Completing The Closing Statement!
  • Horror Stories – Learning From Mistakes!
  • “Tips”, Techniques and Concepts to Save You Time/Avoid Errors!
  • Managing the Process While Staying Organized from Start to Finish!

Location: National University, Costa Mesa               Hours: 8:30 – 4:30PM



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