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"FIRST CLASS" - Delivering Customer Service Excellence - Your location
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Escrow Marketing/Selling Skills January 24th 8:30 - 3:00

National University

Costa Mesa
January 22nd
Commercial Escrow I January 31st 8:30 - 4:30

National University

Costa Mesa
January 29th
Basic Escrow February 7th 8:30 - 4:30

National University

Costa Mesa
February 5th
Escrow Documents and Amendments February 21st 8:30 - 12:30

National University

Costa Mesa
February 19th
Lender's Instructions February 21st 1:00 - 4:45

National University

Costa Mesa
February 19th
Bulk Sale II February 28th 8:30 - 4:30

National University

Costa Mesa
February 26th
Commercial Escrow II March 7th 8:30 - 4:30

National University

Costa Mesa
March 5th
C.A.R. (RPA) Contract March 7th 8:30 - 1:00

National University

Costa Mesa
March 5th
Escrow Business Forum March 21st 9:00 - 3:00

National University

Costa Mesa
March 19th
Mobile/Manufactured Home Escrow May 2nd 8:30 - 4:00

National University

Costa Mesa
April 30th

All classes provide “take away” manuals/material and FREE after class support!

"FIRST CLASS" - Delivering Customer Service Excellence

This workshop can be presented at your location, with only your team in attendance (call for details), or you can attend our "open" class (see training schedule below) which anyone may attend. Either way, this is an exceptional chance to take your customer service to new levels and have fun while doing so. Great material.



Escrow Marketing/Selling Skills
(Saturday, January 24th)     Tuition: $149

We have just added a panel of marketing experts for an open Q & A, preceding the class!

Want to learn more ways to generate business, whether in a “booming” or “slowing” market?  In this class you will explore ideas on how to market your Company’s services and products from “behind your desk” and “in the field.”

Successful escrow companies know the importance of marketing their services. However, often in the hectic day to day work environment, “marketing” is often the next thing to do!  This class focuses on three key elements: marketing strategies, tips and techniques; and the importance of managing the customer service experience through out the business relationship.

You will learn about marketing from both sides of your desk.  From the office to the field.


  • How to create a Marketing Action Plan (MAP)!
  • Using Social Media Marketing- Pluses & Minuses!
  • How to grow your business through effective networking!
  • What your agent thinks is important in dealing with their escrow officer!
  • How to handle “tough” requests, such as reducing your fees, special requests, etc.!
  • How to handle customer objections during the sales call!
  • Tips on becoming more proactive in your marketing efforts!
  • What other people/companies are doing to generate sales!
  • Managing the sales call/training others to make the sales call!
  • How to take ownership of the customer experience!

Bring your questions to class for this guaranteed informative and  fun workshop!!!

Location: National University, Costa Mesa               Hours: 8:30 – 3:00PM



Commercial Escrow I
(Saturday, January 31st)     Tuition: $299

Our Commercial Escrow I class is conducted by a former President of O.C.E.A. and an industry recognized expert in Commercial escrows.

This specialty escrow class is for the beginning/intermediate Commercial practitioner.  Taught by a Certified Escrow Instructor (CSEO, CEI) and top Commercial escrow producer, you will learn more about the Commercial process while eliminating the fear of those intimidating numbers, contracts and processes.

In this class you will learn about the following: 

  • Comparison and In-Depth Review of the Three (3) Common Commercial Escrow Contracts!
  • Escrow Instructions, Wrap Instructions, No Instructions Commercial Processing!
  • Underlying Commercial Documents; Purpose and Use!
  • Formation Documents!
  • Identifying/resolving “red flags” that can stop/delay your Escrow!
  • Processing Requirements You Must Do!
  • Completing The Closing Statement!
  • Horror Stories – Learning From Mistakes!
  • “Tips”, Techniques and Concepts to Save You Time/Avoid Errors!
  • Managing the Process While Staying Organized from Start to Finish!

Location: National University, Costa Mesa               Hours: 8:30 – 4:30PM


Basic Escrow
(Saturday, February 7th)     Tuition: $199

Our extensive “Basic Escrow” workshop establishes the foundation for understanding “escrow” and lays the ground work for future training as needed. This class covers many aspects of escrow with a focus on the resale escrow. Our workshop covers industry terminology, “tips & techniques” on a variety of subjects; working through “red flags”, understanding Pre Lim and Title reports; opening an escrow; confidentiality, being a neutral third party, and more! Extensive material, handouts and templates are provided.

  • Industry Terminology/Acronyms
  • Escrow – Purpose: Buyer/Seller/Lender/Escrow Roles
  • Escrow Risk Management – Recognizing the “Red Flags”
  • Opening Escrow & Preparation of Escrow Instructions
  • Using the C.A.R. contract; Understanding Your General Provisions
  • Sale & Refinance Escrows – Notes, Deeds and Other Documentation
  • Ordering Demands – Sub Escrow
  • Title Insurance – Purpose and Types of Policies; Prelims – Identifying “red flags”
  • Documentary Transfer Tax, Prorations and Balancing the File (an introduction)
  • P.C.O.R. requirements and forms!

Location: National University, Costa Mesa               Hours: 8:30 – 4:30PM


Escrow Documents and Amendments
(Saturday, February 21st)     Tuition: $119
Take BOTH and SAVE $50.00; Combined tuition - $188.00

During this class you will review and discuss a variety of basic escrow Documents and Amendments to the escrow. This class can be used as a “refresher” course or is ideal for the newer employee who is unfamiliar or has had limited exposure in completing escrow documents and/or amendments.     Excellent and abundant escrow documentation samples are provided each participant for later reference.  Learn about:

  • Commonly used escrow documents
  • How to examine and take action on the sale escrows Prelim
  • The Differences between Grant & Quit Claim Deeds
  • Use of Affidavit – Death of Joint Tenant
  • PCOR Requirements
  • Subordinate Agreement
  • Power of Attorney-General and Special
  • Requests for Notice of Default; Substitution of Trustee and Full Reconveyance
  • How to Write Amendments to Your Escrow
  • And Substantially More! Great reference material provided.

Location: National University, Costa Mesa               Hours: 8:30 – 12:30PM


Lender's Instructions
(Saturday, February 21st)     Tuition: $119
Take BOTH and SAVE $50.00; Combined tuition - $188.00

In this workshop, you will learn all about Lender’s Instructions and their importance to your escrow. What happens and what liability exists (to you and your Company) when the underlying Instructions are NOT followed to the letter!

We will cover:

  • What are Lender’s Instructions? There purpose and use?
  • What are the quick review ” tips and techniques” escrow professionals use!
  • Understanding the implications of a poorly written instruction (legal or policy)!
  • Addressing valid and invalid instructions.
  • The potential legal liability YOU create when signing the Lender’s Instructions, agreeing to the conditions within!
  • Recognizing that all Lender’s Instructions, even from the same Lender, may vary!
  • What Lenders can do if instructions are not followed. You signed them!
  • Fannie Mae/Freddy Mac requirements!
  • Understanding when to say “NO” – when backing away is in your best interest!

In group discussion, we will discuss various Instructions from a variety of Lender’s, including the MAJOR Lending groups. If you wish, bring a set of Lender’s Instructions from your office to class for discussion.

Location: National University, Costa Mesa               Hours: 1:00 – 4:45PM


Bulk Sale II
(Saturday, February 28th)     Tuition: $275.00 if registered/paid before Feb. 21st;/$325.00 after

This class qualifies for  Six (6) C.E.A. approved Professional Designation Credits!

Taught by a Certified Escrow Instructor (CEI & CBSS Designation), this specialty escrow class provides in-depth instruction on the Bulk Sale escrow process and is a continuation to the previously held “Bulk Sale I” class.   This class will focus on the more complex aspects of the Bulk Sale process.

Our class will also focus on Bulk Sale escrows where liquor licensing issues are part of the escrow process. Our special guest speaker will spend time for a thorough review of how to process and manage these escrows, PLUS how to effectively work with your ABC Licensing agency. He will provide extensive hand out material.

The instructor’s goal, recognizing that the very first bulk sale you may process could involve a liquor license transfer, a cash short closing, or other similar situations has developed this program to be able to spend more class time with you in developing key aspects and understanding about the bulk sale escrow.

You will learn about:

  • The different Laws that affect Bulk Sale and Liquor License escrows!
  • Recognizing “Red Flags” Early & Throughout Your Escrow!
  • Alcohol Beverage Control Tips & Nuances To Move Your Escrow Forward!
  • Processing the Real Property and Bulk Sale combo!
  • Completing the Paperwork & Different Types of Notice Requirements!
  • Processing Tax Clearances and Claims!
  • Handling the Cash Short Closing!
  • Holding funds at closing!  Release of funds!
  • And much, much more!      
You will receive an extensive and comprehensive manual of Bulk Sale escrow worksheets, hand-outs and other material to use while processing your Bulk Sale Escrows.

Location: National University, Costa Mesa               Hours: 8:30 – 4:30PM


C.A.R. (RPA) Contract
(Saturday, March 7th)    
Tuition: $119

NEW C.A.R. (RPA) Contract & Joint Escrow Instructions

Regardless of time within the industry, every-one in escrow needs to be completely familiar with all aspects of the C.A.R. Contract.

During this class, you will undertake an in depth and thorough review of the California Association of Realtors (C.A.R.) contract provisions and requirements. Extensive Manual material!

NOTE: This FOUR hour workshop received EXCEPTIONAL reviews (Instructor, Aaron Lloyd and his material) during our pilot class!

Our class will cover:

  • History and Evolution of the C.A.R. Contract!
  • Understanding the NEW Residential Purchase Agreement & Joint Escrow Instructions!
  • Identifying Escrow’s Duties and Responsibilities under the Contract!
  • Time Line Requirements!
  • “the Notice to Perform”, “Initial Deposit”, “FHA/VA Notice Requirements”, “Contingencies”, “Cancellation/Pre-Cancellation Requirements”, “Appraisals”, “Inspections”, “Home Warranty Coverage”.
  • Underlying Forms!
  • C.A.R. Requirements YOU Must Know!
  • Recognizing What IS and IS NOT Escrow’s Job!
  • And More!

Location: National University, Costa Mesa               Hours: 8:30 – 1:00PM

Commercial Escrow II
(Saturday, March 7th)     Tuition: $285.00 if paid by February 28th; $385.00 AFTER. SAVE $100.00

This class has been recently revised and updated! The class qualifies for 6 PD Credits

The Instructor (Commercial Escrow Officer) has over 25 years of commercial escrow experience and works for a Company, managing their commercial escrow operations. He is past president of the Orange County Escrow Association and holds CEA Professional designations of Certified Escrow Officer, Certified Senior Escrow Officer and Certified Escrow Instructor. The primary focus of this class will be to add to the Commercial Escrow I curriculum by learning more complex Commercial Escrows and how to audit a commercial escrow file in anticipation of a pending closing. The class will also cover the following topics:

  • Review of attorney-drawn purchases and sale agreement!
  • Reviewing and complying with the closing instructions!
  • Prorations!
  • The Title Officer Authority Check Lists!
  • An overview of out-of-state, multi-site/multi state transactions!
  • And so much more!

Location: National University, Costa Mesa               Hours: 8:30 – 5:00PM


Mobile/Manufactured Home Escrow
(Saturday, May 2nd)     Tuition: $225

We are proud to co-sponsor with the Orange County Escrow Association (OCEA) this ALL NEW Mobile/Manufactured Home Escrow workshop.

This class qualifies for P.D. Credits. Estimated credits – minimum 5!

Our workshop will cover the transfer/refinance process of existing homes and will NOT focus on either new homes or dealer transactions.

In this workshop you will learn about:

  • Size matters with older homes – DMV or HCD
  • 2014 C.A.R. Manufactured Home Contract changes
  • Working with prior executed, but unprocessed title
  • Dealing with Park Management
  • Forms, including obtaining a replacement Insignia
  • Obtaining Tax Clearance and Retail Value
  • Foreclosures & Liens
  • 433 Process
  • And much more

Location: National University, Costa Mesa               Hours: 8:30 – 4:00PM


Escrow Business Forum
(Saturday, March 21st)     Tuition: $TBD

Our Escrow Business Forum is an out growth of last year’s highly successful, highly attended “Escrow Compliance Forum” series (we had three) and based on our attendees unanimously agreeing they would like to see our FORUM’s on a quarterly basis. You spoke! We listened!

This newly developed FORUM has been created as an industry communication vehicle to provide participants with information they need to know regarding the Industry, legislative issues, business practices, compliance, other related news and MUCH, MUCH more! Our FORUM panel will include Jennifer Felton, Esq. (Hershorin& Henry, LLP) Michael Haas, CPA (Morton Alan Haas & Co.); Aaron Lloyd, (Owner, Sunset One Escrow) Mickey Vandenberg (Senior Vice President, WFG Title) and possibly others. STAY TUNED!

Location: National University, Costa Mesa               Hours: 9:00 – 3:00PM



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