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"FIRST CLASS" - Maximizing The Escrow Customer Experience - Your location

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E.L.M.S. Summit May 24th 9:00 – 3:00PM

National University

Costa Mesa 
May 22nd
Basic Escrow June 4th 8:30 – 4:30PM

National University

Costa Mesa 
June 2nd
Escrow Documents & Amendments June 11th 8:30 – 12:30PM

National University

Costa Mesa 
June 9th
Escrow Processing June 18th 8:30 – 4:30PM

National University

Costa Mesa 
June 16th
Commercial Escrow I July 9th 8:30 – 4:30PM

National University

Costa Mesa 
July 7th
Business Fundamentals, Practices & Law July 23rd TBA

National University

Costa Mesa 
July 21st

All classes provide “take away” manuals/material and FREE after class support!

"FIRST CLASS" - Delivering Customer Service Excellence

This workshop can be presented at your location, with only your team in attendance (call for details), or you can attend our "open" class (see training schedule below) which anyone may attend. Either way, this is an exceptional chance to take your customer service to new levels and have fun while doing so. Great material.


E.L.M.S. Summit
(Tuesday, May 24th)     Tuition: No Charge

Who Should Attend:
Escrow Business Owners, Managers, Escrow Officers or those who manage/lead others


Larry Davidson – Keynote Speaker

Division President, First American Title- Specialized Groups
(3 Time Hawaii** Iron Man Participant: Over 50 Marathons/Triathlons)
**World wide event – By Invitation Only!
“Zoning In – Maximizing Your Potential”

Mickey Vandenberg -WFG Title
SVP, WFG Title Company & ETI Instructor
“A Journey of Self Discovery”

Aaron Lloyd – WFG Title
VP, WFG Title Company & ETI Instructor
“A Culture of Success”

Larry O’Brien – ETI & ELMS
President, The Escrow Training Institute
“One Team - Marching to the Same Drum”

National University, Costa Mesa               Hours: 9:00 – 3:00PM


Basic Escrow
(Saturday, June 4th)     Tuition: $199

Our extensive “Basic Escrow” workshop establishes the foundation for understanding “escrow” and lays the ground work for future training as needed. This class covers many aspects of escrow with a focus on the resale escrow. Our workshop covers industry terminology, “tips & techniques” on a variety of subjects; working through “red flags”, understanding Pre Lim and Title reports; opening an escrow; confidentiality, being a neutral third party, and more! Extensive material, handouts and templates are provided.

  • Industry Terminology/Acronyms
  • Escrow – Purpose: Buyer/Seller/Lender/Escrow Roles
  • Escrow Risk Management – Recognizing the “Red Flags”
  • Opening Escrow & Preparation of Escrow Instructions
  • Using the C.A.R. contract; Understanding Your General Provisions
  • Sale & Refinance Escrows – Notes, Deeds and Other Documentation
  • Ordering Demands – Sub Escrow
  • Title Insurance – Purpose and Types of Policies; Prelims – Identifying “red flags”
  • Documentary Transfer Tax, Prorations and Balancing the File (an introduction)
  • P.C.O.R. requirements and forms!

Location: National University, Costa Mesa               Hours: 8:30 – 4:30PM


Escrow Documents & Amendments
(Saturday, June 11th)     Tuition: $119

This class will combine our Escrow Documents & Prorations class!

Escrow Documents & Amendments
During this class you will review and discuss a variety of basic escrow Documents and Amendments to the escrow. This class can be used as a “refresher” course or is ideal for the newer employee who is unfamiliar or has had limited exposure in completing escrow documents and/or amendments. Excellent and abundant escrow documentation samples are provided each participant for later reference. Learn about:

  • Commonly used escrow documents
  • How to examine and take action on the sale escrows Prelim
  • The Differences between Grant & Quit Claim Deeds
  • Use of Affidavit – Death of Joint Tenant
  • PCOR Requirements
  • Subordinate Agreement
  • Power of Attorney-General and Special
  • Requests for Notice of Default; Substitution of Trustee and Full Reconveyance
  • How to Write Amendments to Your Escrow


Location: National University, Costa Mesa               Hours: 8:30 – 12:30PM


Escrow Processing
(Saturday, June 18th)     Tuition: $189

Walk through an escrow. Learn the tips and techniques to manage the file, save time, follow up, stay organized and “on top” from start to finish!

This class offers an in-depth review of the in’s and out’s of the sale escrow and will focus on all aspects of the process. While this class compliments “Basic Escrow”, the entire class focus is on resale and is much different in content. Extensive file documentation/examples are provided to participants.

Walk through an escrow! Build your file! Fill out Private Party Payoff Demands, Title Requests, and other escrow documentation. Learn:

  • About the purpose and use of escrow related documents
  • What documents are sent to the Buyer! The Seller!
  • CFPB-TRID Timeline Requirements***
  • CFPB-TRID Disclosure Forms***
  • How to track down private parties for pay-off demands!
  • How to examine and take action on the sale escrow Prelim!! (Overview)
  • Managing the file and workflow process!
  • Establishing follow up systems to stay on track!
  • Staying organized and on top in a sometime fast and chaotic environment!

***NOTE: The CFPB-TRID information is an overview only! It is NOT a substitute for our regular half day class, which is in-depth and held separately!

Location: National University, Costa Mesa               Hours: 8:30 – 4:30PM


Commercial Escrow I
(Saturday, July 9th)     Tuition: $395.00/$295.00*
*SAVE $100. w/early registration & tuition (by July 1, 2016)

This class qualifies for C.E.A. approved Professional Designation Credits!

Our Commercial Escrow I class is conducted by a former President of O.C.E.A. and an industry recognized expert in Commercial escrows.

This specialty escrow class is for the beginning/intermediate Commercial practitioner.  Taught by a Certified Escrow Instructor (CSEO, CEI) and top Commercial escrow producer, you will learn more about the Commercial process while eliminating the fear of those intimidating numbers, contracts and processes.

In this class you will learn about the following: 

  • Comparison and In-Depth Review of the Three (3) Common Commercial Escrow Contracts!
  • Escrow Instructions, Wrap Instructions, No Instructions Commercial Processing!
  • Underlying Commercial Documents; Purpose and Use!
  • Formation Documents!
  • Identifying/resolving “red flags” that can stop/delay your Escrow!
  • Processing Requirements You Must Do!
  • Completing The Closing Statement!
  • Horror Stories – Learning From Mistakes!
  • “Tips”, Techniques and Concepts to Save You Time/Avoid Errors!
  • Managing the Process While Staying Organized from Start to Finish!

Location: National University, Costa Mesa               Hours: 8:30 – 4:30PM


Business Fundamentals, Practices & Law
(Saturday, July 23rd)     Tuition: TBA

Conducted by Jennifer Felten, RELAW APC, well known Escrow Attorney and former Escrow Officer.

This industry first program is one of other E.L.M.S. (Escrow Leadership Management School) workshop offerings, that officially “kick off” in July 2016!

Content is currently in development. MORE information to follow!”


Location: National University, Costa Mesa               Hours: TBA



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