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"FIRST CLASS" - Delivering Customer Service Excellence - Your location
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Escheating Funds September 6th 8:30 - 12:30

National University

Costa Mesa
September 4th
Trust Accounting - Best Practices/Procedures/Documentation September 13th 8:30 - 12:30

National University

Costa Mesa
September 11th
Funding/Balancing/Closing the File (w/Prorations) (NEW) September 20th 8:30 - 1:00

National University

Costa Mesa
September 18th
Basic Escrow September 20th 9:00 - 4:30

National University

Costa Mesa
September 18th
Escrow Processing September 27th 8:30 - 4:30

National University

Costa Mesa
September 25th
The C.A.R. Contract (Residential Purchase Agreement & Joint Escrow Instructions) - Changes Effective 11-1-14 September 27th 8:30 - 12:30

National University

Costa Mesa
September 25th
A.I.T.D./Assumptions/Subject to Transactions September 27th 1:00 - 4:30

National University

Costa Mesa
September 25th
ALTA/EIC Forum October 18th 8:30 - 12:30

National University

Costa Mesa
September 25th

All classes provide “take away” manuals/material and FREE after class support!

"FIRST CLASS" - Delivering Customer Service Excellence

Designed specifically for the Escrow/Title industry, this workshop has received very high reviews from those who have attended.

In fact, 100% of recent class attendees (from Receptionists to Escrow Company Presidents) indicated in their Class Evaluation that they WOULD recommend this class to others within the escrow/title community.

Delivered at YOUR location (or ours), the full day, or two half day class focuses entirely on real life escrow/title related customer service issues!

The class can be delivered Monday through Thursday and/or Saturday’s too!

Our activity based, fun filled, workshop focuses on several key areas:

  • Exceptional customer service is the GREAT differentiator between escrow companies!
  • One Team, One Mission, One Focus = (come to class to find out)!
  • Understanding the impact of ‘lost’ customers!
  • How to effectively handle customer complaints, while building the customer relationship!
  • Importance of everyone being “The Director of First Impressions”!
  • Building long term loyalty; having YOUR customers be an extension of your Sales Team!
  • Build TEAM WORK/Unity/Common Purpose!
  • Have FUN while doing so!

Our class activities “drive home” the learning objectives! Each participant receives a complete manual AND numerous after class activities that the Company can use to continue to reinforce customer service and operational objectives.

Location: Your Place or at Ours


Escheating Funds
(Saturday, September 6th)     Tuition: $119

July 1st through October 30th is the time the State Controller’s Office requires all escrow companies to escheat “old” uncashed checks and closed files with balances remaining.

This workshop, conducted by ReconWorks, will provide attendees with information they need to know to understand the details and steps that are necessary for properly escheating funds to the State, and in the same class learning legal ways to avoid escheating funds going forward. Using the “web” we will show you step by step the process you need to follow and in doing so, ensure you leave the classroom with a much higher feeling of self-confidence!

Did you know? The State of California changes 1% of the amount owed for each month the funds due are late. Fines can exceed $1,000 per month, every month they are late. Thousands of dollars in “fines” can accumulate over a short period of time.
In this class, you will learn:

  • Escheating timelines you must know.
  • State Controller’s Office for escheating rules & regulations
  • How to complete the form and data input
  • How to read and understand printed reports you will receive
  • How to install systems and procedures that can eliminate or reduce the need to escheat in the future
  • Red flags & how to beat internal/external fraud
  • What happens when you ignore or fall behind on escheating

This interactive class will provide attendees with a “demo” practice session, as you walk through the process in a “live” environment. Bring your questions.

Location: National University, Costa Mesa                 Hours: 8:30 – 12:30PM

Trust Accounting - Best Practices/Procedures/Documentation
(Saturday, September 13th)     Tuition: $119

This workshop focuses on the industry’s Trust Accounting “best practices!” From ALTA’s and EIC’s recent recommendations to RECON WORKS (an industry leader in Trust Accounting & Bank Reconciliation services) actual  BEST PRACTICES, learn how to minimize risks and protect the funds you manage through the establishment of internal controls.

We will define, step by step, recommended procedures that you should follow for the protection and safeguarding of trust funds under your control. You will be provided “tools” you can use to help ensure on-going compliance.

In addition, you will learn about:

  • Meeting the Accounting Requirements of the Department of Business Oversight and Department of Real Estate, as they relate to Trust Accounting and Bank Reconciliation.
  • Daily procedures to follow to accurately account for the public’s funds!
  • Types of escrow fraud from altered closing statements to wire transfers and more!
  • How to prevent escrow fraud internally and externally!
  • Real life cases of escrow real estate fraud due to Company lack of preparation/education! Fictitious Business Names.
  • Proven ways to maintain and store Trust Accounting Records for future use!
  • Steps your Company can take to ensure strict compliance!

Extensive material supports this class, plus FREE after class support for attendees!

Location: National University, Costa Mesa                 Hours: 8:30 – 12:30PM
Funding/Balancing/Closing the File (w/Prorations)
(Saturday, September 20th)     Tuition: $119

Build confidence in your ability to fund, close and balance your file!

This class focuses entirely on the “funding, balancing and closing of the file” activities. In addition, working with Prorations will be a part of this workshop. Each process will be discussed and covered in depth.

Participants will be involved and learn more about:

  • Completing the Estimated Statement!
  • Completing the Final Statement!
  • Ensuring that all Escrow Instructions have been followed!
  • Ensuring that all Lender Instructions have been followed!
  • Handling discrepancies!
  • Identifying “Red Flags” early!
  • Balancing the Title charges!
  • Balancing the Checks & Receipts!
  • Identifying/correcting “out of balance” situations!
  • Effectively managing the process!
REMOVE your frustration in completing “manual” escrow calculations! Learn how to explain your Proration calculation to your customer. You will learn:
  • How to compute the “Doc Tax” for several amounts!
  • How to complete a variety of proration scenarios!
  • Recognize important tax dates and deadlines you must meet!

Location: National University, Costa Mesa                 Hours: 8:30 – 1:00PM


Basic Escrow
(Saturday, September 20th)     Tuition: $199

Our extensive “Basic Escrow” workshop establishes the foundation for understanding “escrow” and lays the ground work for future training as needed. This class covers many aspects of escrow with a focus on the resale escrow. Our workshop covers industry terminology, “tips & techniques” on a variety of subjects; working through “red flags”, understanding Pre Lim and Title reports; opening an escrow; confidentiality, being a neutral third party, and more! Extensive material, handouts and templates are provided.

  • Industry Terminology/Acronyms
  • Escrow – Purpose: Buyer/Seller/Lender/Escrow Roles
  • Escrow Risk Management – Recognizing the “Red Flags”
  • Opening Escrow & Preparation of Escrow Instructions
  • Using the C.A.R. contract; Understanding Your General Provisions
  • Sale & Refinance Escrows – Notes, Deeds and Other Documentation
  • Ordering Demands – Sub Escrow
  • Title Insurance – Purpose and Types of Policies; Prelims – Identifying “red flags”
  • Documentary Transfer Tax, Prorations and Balancing the File (an introduction)
  • P.C.O.R. requirements and forms!

Location: National University, Costa Mesa             Hours: 8:30 – 4:30PM

Escrow Processing
(Saturday, September 27th)    
Tuition: $179

Walk through an escrow as you build YOUR file document by document, process by process. Learn the tips and techniques to manage the file, save time, follow up, stay organized and “on top” from start to finish.  YOU will leave the class with your own completed escrow file!

This class offers an in-depth review of the in’s and out’s of the sale escrow and will focus on all aspects of the process.  While this class compliments “Basic Escrow”, the entire class focus is on resale and is much different in content.  Extensive file documentation/examples are provided to participants.

Walk through an escrow!  Complete the paperwork!  Build your file! Fill out Private Party Payoff Demands, Title Requests, and other escrow documentation.  Learn:

  • About the purpose and use of escrow related documents
  • What documents are sent to the Buyer!  The Seller!
  • How to track down private parties for pay-off demands!
  • How to examine and take action on the sale escrow Prelim!!
  • Managing the file and workflow process!
  • Establishing follow up systems to stay on track!
  • Staying organized and on top in a sometime fast and chaotic environment!

Location: National University, Costa Mesa               Hours: 8:30 – 4:30PM


The C.A.R. Contract (Residential Purchase Agreement & Joint Escrow Instructions) - Changes Effective 11-1-14
(Saturday, September 27th)    
Tuition: $119
Take both the C.A.R. Contract & A.I.T.D. class & SAVE $40.00 off tuition!

Get a sneak preview...

Regardless of time within the industry, every one in escrow needs to be completely familiar with all aspects of the C.A.R. Contract.

During this class, you will undertake an in depth and thorough review of the California Association of Realtors (C.A.R.) contract provisions and requirements. More than 90% of escrow transactions utilize the CAR forms as the basis of their agreement. Would it surprise you to know that many escrow professionals truly don’t understand it?

Our class will cover:

  • History and Evolution of the C.A.R. Contract!
  • Being ready for the 11-1014 Changes to the C.A.R. Contract
  • 2013 The Residential Purchase Agreement & Joint Escrow Instructions!
  • What to expect in 2014!
  • Identifying Escrow’s Duties and Responsibilities under the Contract!
  • Know the difference between a contingency and condition.
  • How to craft effective amendments and protect your escrow.
  • Escrow vs RPA-what are the differences and why they’re important.
  • Time Line Requirements!
  • “the Notice to Perform”, “Initial Deposit”, “FHA/VA Notice Requirements”, “Contingencies”, “Cancellation/Pre-Cancellation Requirements”, “Appraisals”, “Inspections”, “Home Warranty Coverage”.
  • Underlying Forms!
  • C.A.R. Requirements YOU Must Know!
  • Recognizing What IS and IS NOT Escrow’s Job!
  • C.A.R. Related Lawsuits and Business Ethics issues
  • And More!

Location: National University, Costa Mesa              Hours: 8:30 – 12:30PM


A.I.T.D./Assumptions/Subject to Transactions
(Saturday, September 27th)    
Tuition: $119
Take both the C.A.R. Contract & A.I.T.D. class & SAVE $40.00 off tuition!


Our real estate market is constantly changing and we must keep up in order to ensure that we retain our existing business but also encourage new business.  In this portion of the class you will learn the how to process an escrow where a new AITD is created.  Here are just a few of the topics we’ll cover:

  • How to prepare these more complex documents and escrow instructions
  • When and why this type of transaction is beneficial to principals
  • What additional and crucial information you will need prior to processing an escrow
  • What to do with impound accounts, pass throughs, hazard insurance
  • How to process payoffs and reconveyances
  • When to say “no” to processing this escrow
  • And much, much more!

This portion of the class is appropriate as a refresher for experienced escrow officers as well as those new to working with notes and trust deeds.  


In this portion of the class, you will learn about Assumption Agreements. While not always used in every market, Assumption Agreements is something you need to know.
You will learn:

  • What is an Assumption?
  • When Assumptions make sense to transact
  • Required Documentation and what it means
  • Title Insurance “things to know”
  • Watching/reacting to “red flags”


A rarity in a good marketplace, this transaction type is something every Escrow Officer should have in their tool belt of knowledge. A commonplace within the commercial real estate community, learn everything you need to know to successfully process a “subject to” transfer. Instruction will also include:

  • Common pitfalls to avoid
  • Legitimacy of this transaction type and repercussions for the Buyer/Seller
  • Why go “subject-to” instead of utilizing an AITD or Assumption?
  • Title Insurance concerns
  • Pro’s vs. Cons
  • How to prepare your documents and much more!

Location: National University, Costa Mesa               Hours: 1:00 – 4:30PM


(Saturday, October 18th)    
Tuition: $35

We don’t have a crystal ball, but we are betting escrow life will continue, perhaps with some change. However, change CAN be beneficial to your Company, your Team, your Customers and our Industry!

NOTE: This is a repeat of our July 26th, 2014 Forum that “sold out” in a matter of days (33 registered for this forum on the first day it was announced)! Don’t wait! Others were turned away in July.

This Forum will not repeat in 2014! Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 18th, 2014!!

Join our Panel Aaron Lloyd, President, Sunset One Escrow and instructor for The Escrow Training Institute; Nancy Silberberg, Owner, Altus Escrow and President Elect for the Escrow Institute for a lively discussion that we hope will include you!

This Panel led forum, will provide a comprehensive review of:

  • ALTA’s Best Practices
  • EIC’s – Model of Policies & Procedures
  • What You Need to Know/What Changes May Occur
  • How to Prepare (and you NEED to prepare) – Next Steps!

Our Mission is to provide an inter-active forum for the exchange of ideas and beliefs as it relates to increased regulation within the escrow and title industry. We wish to inform our audience and address their issues and concerns as it relates to this topic.

Our Panel will hold an open “question & answer” session. You are an integral part of this Forum (Forum is open to all), so we hope you bring your questions with you! Participating in this event will provide you with needed information to assist you in implementing your business decisions and strategies and understanding of what is at stake!

Location: National University, Costa Mesa               Hours: 8:30 – 12:30PM



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